4 Reasons Hampton Could Upset Virginia

Even the casual college hoops fan knows NEVER pick the 16 seed.  In the history of the NCAA Tournament they are an abysmal 0-124. Is this the year the impossible happens? Who knows, but here at BlackBall Sports we dream BIG.

Below we list the 4 reasons Hampton’s Men’s Basketball team  will shock the world.

  1.  Jesus Answers Joyner

    • They say he may not come when you want him, but he’ll be there right on time. Last year Hampton Coach Ed Joyner famously joked about having Jesus on spejoynered dial.  That prayer went unanswered as the Kentucky Wildcats were just too much for the Pirates to  handle.   This year we pray he answers Joyner’s call.
  2. The Big 3

    •  Reginald Johnson (18.3 PPG), Quinton Chievous (17.0 PPG), and Brian Darden (13.2 PPG) can flat out ball.  Typically 16 seeds are overwhelmed talent wise; however these 3 seniors can compete with anybody in the country. Look for the Big 3 to set the tone early for the Pirates.
  3. Streakin’

    • Winning back to back MEAC bids to the NCAA Tournament is no easy task. The Pirates started this year with a HUGE target on their backs and have stood up to the challenge. They also come in winners of 8 out their last 9 games.
  4.  Virginia Chokes

    • Early exits have plagued the Cavaliers in recent seasons. Two years ago they almost became the the first number 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed before a furious second half run. Last year they lost to the 7th seeded underdog Michigan State Spartans.  The UVA methodical pace of play may not be a recipe for success in March.








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