3 Reason’s Why Auburn Defensive End Raashed Kennion’s transfer to FAMU matters

Raashed Kennion’s not your average transfer student athlete. Much is written whenever an athlete transfers for academic reasons or even legal reasons. So much so that its almost expected when a talent such as Kennion transfers from an SEC powerhouse to the #MEAC. Kennion busts this stereotype wide open. Here are 3 Reasons why Raashed Kennion’s transfer matters.

  1. Local Talent– Kennion, a native of Jacksonville is returning back to the Florida area to attend FAMU. This is sure to boost fan excitement and recruiting efforts.
  2. Dual Threat– Kennion is both talented on the field and in the classroom. In addition to being a highly sought after recruit in highschool Kennion was named the “Academic Top Tiger” his true freshman season at Auburn.
  3. Socially Conscious – According to the Montgomery Adertiser and Auburn Coach Guz Malzahn Kennion choose FAMU over Auburn to pursue a career in politics.

Raashed Kennion deserves praise for marking a diffuclt decision to transfer. We at BlackBall Sports wish him much success in his academics, future in politics, and performance on the field. We will be watching…

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