“Big Wes” commits to Grambling State University as incoming defensive tackle

By: E’Vonne Gipson

Grambling State University lands another recruit in Wesley Green, defensive tackle and nose tackle, from Dallas, Texas, who commit to the university on January 6.

The Dallas native, also known as “Big Wes” on the field stands at nearly 6 feet tall and weighs in at about 310 pounds. “Big Wes” says his claim to fame is no matter what, he’ll always find his way through.

Green, who plans on majoring in either business or kinesiology decided that he would aim to become a college athlete during his freshman year in high school.

“I believe every child athlete’s dream is to play professional ball,” Green said. “I’ll work to get there, but if I come up short, I’ll be just fine because I’ll have academics and a degree to lean on, but I’m ready.”

Prior to committing to GSU, Green got a chance to speak with Coach Fobbs and meet with Coach Bailey. The words and plans that were discussed sealed the deal, and Green’s decision was made. He’d become a Tiger.  The player also received an offer from Northeastern State University.


“I just want to have a strong bond and a brotherhood type of relationship with the coaches and my team,” he said. “Grambling is already talented, I’ll just be adding to it.”

The Desoto High School senior said he watched the Bayou Classic on TV this year and at that time he didn’t know he would be attending GSU, but he is glad that they won the championship and he looks forward to becoming a part of a team with such a rewarding history.

He also expressed how proud his parents are about him committing to GSU and that they just wanted him to go to college, but his dad told him to go where the coaches wanted him and where he’ll get the opportunity to display his talent, and that’s what he did.

Green posted a paragraph on Twitter on Friday saying:


Green is excited to join the championship team and explained how he knows exactly how it feels to have a tough year, practice non-stop and then make  a turnaround all in one year’s time to become a champion.

“My high school coaches and teammates have had a really positive impact on me,” Green said.” “My junior year our team went 5-5 and I was devastated, but my coaches told us to never give up.” “Then my senior year we came back, played hard, and maintained a 16-0 record to win our first state championship.”

Desoto was ranked No. 15 in USA Today Super 25 national football poll earlier this year, naming Green and senior LB Kolby Watts key players.

Along with his high school coaches Green says his dad and his middle school coaches, motivated him to play the sport and excel.

“The transition from high school ball to college ball will be interesting to say the least,” he said. “Although, nothing really changes about the way I’ll play, just the speed, strength and size of my opponents.”

Green plans on visiting GSU next month and is set to begin training and prepping for the upcoming season this summer.

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