Ohio State & Arizona Football Partner with Texas Southern for Satellite Camp

Written by Thomas Scott

April 23, 2017

Last year we asked “Will Satellite Camps Sweep the SWAC?” By definition, satellite camps simply allow college coaches to travel long distances to work as guests for camps at other schools. We predicted this would create a profitable opportunity to grow HBCU athletic brands.

Texas Southern has seized this opportunity by partnering with the Ohio State and Arizona staff. Instead of traveling to other cities, Texas Southern will focus on cultivating homegrown Houston talent. Defensive Coordinator, Tom Anthony broke the news with the following tweet:

The Michael Haywood Round-Up Football Camp will take place on campus at Durley Field. Coach Haywood and staff will have the opportunity to showcase their 5,500 seat multi-purpose stadium, campus life, and other facilities to potential prospects. In this moment, coaches will be able to evaluate and recruit a large pool of athletes. Undoubtedly, this experience will persuade some prospects to place Texas Southern on their radar.

Opponents of these satellite camps argue that they allow schools from different areas to “steal” local talent. One could argue that some athletes may only attend the camps to get noticed by the bigger Ohio State and Arizona programs. However, we believe this camp is a major opportunity to grow the Texas Southern Tiger brand.

Do you think these type of camps can attract top talent to HBCUs? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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