Will Mikey Williams mindset lead him to a HBCU?

Written by Thomas Scott

It only took one tweet from Mikey Williams to put the entire basketball community on notice.

It’s not Mikey’s interest in attending a HBCU that makes this a big deal; it’s his mindset. Mikey is NOT your average high school sophomore. At the age of 15, he has attracted the attention of superstars like LeBron James and Drake. Perhaps, LeBron influenced Mikey to embrace his “More Than An Athlete” mantra and utilize his platform for change. After posting on Twitter, Mikey took to Instagram to explain his post in futher detail to his 2 million followers.

What a lot of coaches don’t understand is that we don’t need them… WE CONTROL OUR OWN NARRATIVE!

Mikey Williams | 5 Star Prospect
LeBron James courtside at Mikey Williams game.

His opinion maybe seem bold, but Mikey is absolutely right. Mikey’s ability and brand have already placed him on the NBA’s radar. If for nothing else, Mikey’s post highlights Power 5 programs decreased leverage in attracting top talent. This moment feels significant, because African-American athletes are recognizing their worth at younger and younger ages.

If you’re a pro…then you’re a pro no matter what college you go to.

Mikey Williams

Mikey isn’t the first elite prospect to consider playing basketball at a HBCU in recent years. Just last year, Josh Christopher and Makur Maker made headlines by taking official visits to Howard University during the Bison’s homecoming week. Both Christopher and Makur are considered top 20 prospects in the 2020 class, but despite the hype surrounding their visit, neither prospect is expected to attend a HBCU.

Only time will tell if Mikey Williams will actually attend a HBCU or college at all for that matter. The NBA just created a new developmental program in the G-League for elite prospects. This program pays players up to $500k annually and will pay for their college education if they decided to pursue it at a later date. However in the words of Mikey:

Have you ever thought about helping your own people out? We are the reason that these schools have such big names and such good history…but in the end what do we get out of it?

Mikey Williams

Click here to view Mikey’s full instagram post.

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