Chris Paul is Producing New Docu-Series about Recruiting Challenges HBCUs Face in College Basketball

Written by Thomas Scott

Chris Paul is the unicorn of his family. Despite growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in a family full of HBCU graduates, Chris Paul never considered attending Winston-Salem State University. Instead of suiting up for his local HBCU, Paul opted to stay at in Winston-Salem to play for Wake Forest University.

Chris Paul explained his decision to Dade Hayes of Deadline:

“There was an HBCU right in my back yard. For some reason, I just didn’t really think of it. Today, kids’ mindsets have changed. We hope that this show will keep that conversation going.”

Chris Paul

Since his college playing days, Paul has been a regular supporter of HBCUs. As president of the National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA), Chris Paul has helped grow the NBPA HBCU Top 50 Camp. In addition, Paul has helped build mainstream awareness of several HBCUs by wearing their merchandise to his NBA games.

The new docu-series will attempt to address the challenges HBCUs have when competing with PWIs for top-recruits, what HBCU programs are doing to overcome these disadvantages, and explore the attractiveness of HBCUs to a new generation of athletes. The series will follow several HBCUs during the 2020-2021 season as they compete for top prospects.

“HBCUs historically have been at a competitive disadvantage with their basketball programs facing many challenges with funding, recruitment, misperceptions, and exposure. With the current racial awakening in our country prompting young athletes to look at where they play, it’s now more important than ever to shine a light on HBCUs and showcase their value in sports and society.”

CHris Paul

Who knows, with the renewed interest in HBCUs maybe we will see 5-star talent like Mikey Williams or Bronny James choose a HBCU in the future.

Either way we’ll be keeping our eyes open for this upcoming docu-series. Follow us for more updates about the show.

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